Like piggies at the trough, little knowing how soon they'll be led to the slaughter. Some of them have their uses, true enough, I suppose. Mr. Hawthorne will make a fine puritan beard for us to wear; greedy and easily manipulated, so he will live. Young Mather, on the other hand, he's harmless...hardly! Filled with passion and ideals, there's very little more dangerous than that combination. No, he must die so young Mather can join his father in Hell. And of course, the handsome Dr. Wainwright, he should die first of all. Too fearless, too intelligent, above all, too curious, wouldn't you agree? After all as you'll soon learn, if you've not already, it's precisely sacrifice that fuels our work. You might say that sacrificing what we most love is the key to opening all doors.

Countess Marburg

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Salem Season 2 Episode 7: "The Beckoning Fair One"
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Salem Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Painful, I know, for a man who lived by the power of his speech to be silenced.


Dear Increase, did you really think I'd let you lay a hand on me?