Ruby: You're acting like you're the only one who ever lost anything or anyone. You're not the only one who almost died or watched the love of their life choke on her own blood. Or who took months to feel semi-normal because being normal is something I'll never get to be. This isn't about just you, Cesar.
Jamal: Some of us are collateral damage in your shit.
Cesar: I don't need your disrespect.
Jamal: Whoa. You don't even get it. Just being your friend is a liability. Then don't be.
Monse: Oh. Hey let's not go there.
Ruby: But we're there. Look in the mirror and remember who you are. Cause we don't work for you. We aren't the Santos. There is no hierarchy in our friendship where we work for your respect. You want respect, go hang out with those dudes on your front porch. But real friends call you on your shit.
Cesar: Leave. I release you. I don't want to be anybody's liability.

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On My Block Season 3 Episode 7: "Chapter Twenty- Seven"
On My Block
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On My Block Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

For a long time, I didn't think I had a choice. But after shit didn't add up about Ray, I started asking around. Found out what really happened between him and the Santos. They turned on him. She turned on him for no reason. Our family ain't sacrificing for her no more.


Monse: Are you sure? We're talking about taking a life here.
Oscar: Or yours. Mines. Everyone's.
Monse: And yet you work for her.
Oscar: Worked. Past tense. She's out of control. She's never been this bad before, and it's all for nothing. putting you kids in the middle of her crazy vendetta? Shit must stop. She doesn't give a damn. She doesn't give a shit about no one. Even those most loyal to her. Like our dad. She made him take the fall back in the day, but her time is up. She's going to a meeting she ain't walking out of.