Eva: Flash. Barry. You and I are not enemies. We never have been.
Barry: You just killed him in cold blood.
Eva: Your wife set out to catch a bad man. She couldn't. But together, we could. We're on the same side.
Barry: No.
Eva: Just remember that.

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The Flash Season 6 Episode 19: "Sucess Is Assured"
The Flash
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The Flash Season 6 Episode 19 Quotes, The Flash Quotes
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The Flash Season 6 Episode 19 Quotes

I had the most brilliant minds in the world study that Mirrorverse. You know what they found? It's incompatible with the human brain. That place warps the mind until the person is no longer recognizable. Your Iris is long gone. I suggest you accept that and move on.


Uh, they're going to the Artic, not Ozz-fest. How are you so bad at everything?