Dinah: Do you know why I started the Canaries? What it represents? This is more than just some rebellion group. It's a support system. This is a way for women to know that we always have each other's backs no matter what happens. Whenever we need it most, something that I failed to do for a friend once. But ever since what happened with her, I made a promise that I would never make that mistake again. That's why we wear these, to honor that promise and the bravery and the sacrifice shared with these amazing women who somehow -- no matter how many times they get knocked down -- they always find the strength to get back up and fight again. And that is exactly what the surviving Canaries are going to do together. But when the time is right.
Mia: It's too bad I'm not a Canary.

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Arrow Season 7 Episode 18: "Lost Canary"
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Arrow Season 7 Episode 18 Quotes

Oliver: She's had her entire life turned upside down. I know what that's like. Just...
Felicity: Speaking of... are you sure that you're OK now that you know your sister's evil and trying to kill you. Too soon?

Shadow Thief: It seems the entire city has turned against you.
Black Siren: Just reminded me that there's only one person I can trust -- myself.