Spencer: What have you done?
Clare: We've both changed. I saw it in your eyes when you talked about Mira.
Spencer: I'd never turn my back on the dream!
Clare: I don't even know what the dream is anymore. All this time I thought we were working toward peace. This isn't peace!
Spencer: It's all for the greater good. Why have you lost sight of that?!

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Counterpart Season 2 Episode 9: "You to You"
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Counterpart Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Nadia: I don't want to kill anymore.
Howard P: Yeah, well, if you want a life in this world, Indigo is about to make that really fuckin' difficult.

Mira: Do you remember when I was seven and the schoolmaster said I couldn't wear pants, that only the boys were allowed?
Yanek: Yes.
Mira: What happened?
Yanek: You convinced them to change the rules, and you never wore a skirt again.
Mira: People can be flexible when they need to be.