Mattie: This is the final version. The fully mature code.
Toby: You can make any synth conscious, with this? Immediately?
Mattie: Uh huh.
Toby: Shit, Mat. If every synth became conscious, all at the same time-
Mattie: It would be a revolution.

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Humans Season 2 Episode 5: "Self Preservation"
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Humans Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Niska: Thank you, Laura.
Laura: Thank me when we win.
Niska: This won't end the way you want it to.

Mia: What's happening?
Ed: Mom's got to stay where she is, and you're worth a lot of money.
Mia: You can't do this.
Ed: I've got no choice. Mia, we're people, and you're not.
Mia: Ed, we have something, I know you feel it.
Ed: It wasn't real.