Will: Sir, it says you've been here before for heart failure.
Patient: I have?
Will: Yes. And it looks like it's gotten a bit worse. Are you taking your medication?
Patient: Blue ones, white ones.
Will: Good. But they may not be working well enough. Here's the thing. I'm actually involved in testing a brand new heart failure drug, and from what I'm seeing, you may be an excellent candidate.
Patient: More pills?
Will: Just one. And it would help your heart pump better. Now, it is is experimental and we don't have a ton of data, but what I'm seeing does look extremely promising.
Patient: Will it make me better?
Will: I can't make any promises, but from what I'm seeing, in this trial three out of every four patients get the medication and as long as you're one of them, we should get results pretty quickly.
Will: It may not be working.

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Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 3: "Do You Know The Way Home?"
Chicago Med
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Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

Sharon: Dr. Choi, I just got off with the the board and they're concerned about your projections for next month.
Choi: I understand, but with North shutting its ED, we had to ramp up for the influx of patients.
Sharon: And I'm sure you're doing everything you can, but with the losses we sustained from treating COVID, they're watching every penny.

Marcel: Dr. Manning. You're looking so... what's the word? Decontaminated.
Nat: Thank you. And I'm sensing a temperature on you of what... 98.4?