Ryan: Can you believe our little boy is having a girl over? The next thing you know we are going to be doing the father/son dance at his wedding.
Kristin: Ryan stop. We are not allowed to be excited about this. He is growing up and we need to start treating him like it.
Ryan: I know, but it is so cool right?
Kristin: It is the coolest thing that has ever happened!

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Last Man Standing Season 7 Episode 5: "One Flew Into the Empty Nest"
Last Man Standing
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Last Man Standing Season 7 Episode 5 Quotes

Vanessa: All I am asking is to have dinner with Jen and her dad so that we can meet them.
Mike: I am just not that interested in this.
Vanessa: Well I hear what you are saying, and I understand your concerns but no.
Mike: What do you mean no?
Vanessa: I want this, so I am overruling you.
Mike: You can do that?
Vanessa: I can. I am going to invite Jen and her dad here for dinner tomorrow night. You will be sweet and nonconfrontational. You won’t bring up things like snowflake, Benghazi or deflategate.

Mike: I am heading home. I am going to do a meet and greet with Vanessa and a foreign exchange student.
Chuck: Oh, this is priceless. Mike Baxter is hosting a foreign exchange student.
Mike: No, no, no, no. Vanessa invited them to come meet us and I am married to Vanessa.
Joe: Translation, when Vanessa says jump. Mike says how high?
Ed: When any of my wives wanted to do something that I was against, I said no, no, no.
Mike: Did you really?
Ed: Yep.
Mike: That is why you are in the divorce attorney’s hall of fame.