Joe: Someone needs a burger.
Beck: Or somewhere to put his meat.
Joe: Ugh.
Beck: I'm sorry, that was bad, I meant it sympathetically.

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YOU Season 1 Episode 7: "Everythingship"
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YOU Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Some people have a hard time letting love in. Some people are built for love. Some people -- some people are searching -- searching for someone who can love them the way they deserve. That's you.


I wanted to be wrong. I never wanted to be wrong so badly in my life. I was begging to be proven wrong. But it was looking like I was right. You trust someone. You give them your heart, and what do they do? Is there even a punishment that fits the crime of lying, of manipulating like this? Of breaking someone's heart? I guess I'm bad at picking good people, but I'm good at catching bad people red-handed.

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