Anne: Yes. Of course, that is what we women are to you -- a good woman is a half-doll-half-angel and a bad woman is but a hideous fiend. Well I will not be your angel doll a second longer, even if I could. I would rather be a fiend...a great fiend!
[Magically throws sewing needle]
Anne: You shameless hypocrite! You...who persecuted and executed so many innocents. You...who murdered your own father. You...who sang the worst sin of all is a lie. And your entire life is a lie! Every time you climbed the pulpit after a night of drunken debauchery, you lied to everyone, or is lying merely another privilege reserved for men?!

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Salem Season 3 Episode 9: "Saturday Mourning"
WGN America
Tamzin Merchant
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Salem Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Mary: You would damn generations to hell on earth because of your own bitter heart?!
Anne: You are absolutely right, I would. Happily. I would turn the earth into a bitter desert in the very image of my heart!

Mary: The most fatal error, my treacherous sister -- placing your trust in the dark lord...and this mangy mouter.
[Snaps the cat's neck]
Tituba: Blind me if you will. I can track and kill you in the darkest night!