I know it's a little thing, but it's my little thing. Almost 60 years old and I will not be sidelined, sidetracked or side stepped, or put in a damned corner and told to wait my turn. Not another day. It's my time. It's my time.


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Queen Sugar Season 3 Episode 2: "Of Their Sojourn Here"
Queen Sugar
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Queen Sugar Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

With your mom, everything's logic. Everything. Put together an air tight argument, you might have a shot.


Remy: So this is you now? Tricking your own people into giving you their business so that you can turn around and give it to the Landrys.
Charley: Or they could just give it to them directly, at a higher percentage. It doesn't matter who really owns the mill as long as the farmers get the break they need.
Remy: I guess it depends on what you're giving up to get it.
Charley: Hey, I'm the good guy here.
Remy: Yet your hands are getting dirty.
Charley: Well if they are that's because that's what happens to people who are actually trying to change things instead of, I don't know, live on the sidelines.