Miles: What can I possible do to help her?
Arthur: The same thing I’m going to do. Pray.
Miles: Dad…
Arthur: I know how you feel, but prayer is action. And prayer is what your sister needs right now.

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God Friended Me Season 2 Episode 22: "The Mountain"
God Friended Me
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God Friended Me Season 2 Episode 22 Quotes, God Friended Me Quotes
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God Friended Me Season 2 Episode 22 Quotes

Rakesh: Cara, you heard about the God Account and how it’s up and running again?
Cara: I did. And that’s great.
Rakesh: Don’t mean to brag, but that’s 100% me.

The journey of helping my Friend Suggestions helped so many lives, it taught me to have hope and faith in humanity, to believe in others, but more importantly, it changed me. And helped me rediscover something I lost when my mother died. And it made me realize it doesn’t matter what we believe, or where we come from. that we are all in this together, that we can all be there for one another. Because when we are, amazing things can happen.