Simone: Y'know what depresses me? I missed the sixties. Free love. Drop acid. Woodstock. Wake up one day, decide you wanna call yourself Flower Rainblossom, you just call yourself Flower Rainblossom.
Mike: Yeah but the seventies were always coming like a... hangover. And you know what happened to Flower Rainblossom? She's on methadone in Bismarck. Turning tricks for breakfast meat.
Simone: I know, but at least I would've had fun. Be free. Like how you get to dream before you wake up.

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Fargo Season 2 Episode 4: "Fear and Trembling"
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Fargo Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Dodd: Gimme a chocolate glaze and--
Charlie: And an old-fashioned.
Dodd: An old--? An old-fashioned. [to injured man] C'mon, get some zip in ya. [cattle prods the man; to donut shop worker] It's on them.

Kill the king, be the king. That's the world. If you're feeling sour about it, write a letter to Napoleon.

Mob boss [to Otto]