I haven't had my head in the clouds for years. My husband he dreams and he dreams these big ideas and he's never ashamed to do it because no one ever made him feel like he should be. But me? I can't even look at him, I can't even look at the person I am closest to in the world, I cannot look him in the eye and tell him I want to be that little girl who dances again.


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This Is Us Season 3 Episode 13: "Our Little Island Girl"
This Is Us
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This Is Us Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Carol: Time for bed young lady, you've been watching TV for hours now.
Zoe: It's not even that late...chill.
Carol: You did not just tell me to chill child!
Abe: That girl is giving your mother a run for her money.

Abe: My baby girl, 18 months old before you started walking.
Beth: I know dad.
Abe: And your mother was scared to death! She took you to all kinds of doctors, wanted to find out what was wrong with you, but nobody could tell her anything. And then one day, we were all in Kington and Uncle Clem put on some Burning Spear, you know the song?
Beth: Dread River.
Abe: That song started playing and it felt like it just picked you right off the ground because you stood and danced straight over to me. Your mother would never admit it now but she sobbed. We were so happy. Our little island girl would dance before she walked. That's who you are. Never forget, baby girl.