I have a piece of paper. But I want this salt shaker. You have the salt shaker but you're willing to take my piece of paper for your salt shaker. Now, why would you do that? Because this isn't actually a piece of paper. It's a story. And the story you've heard over and over and over again is to convince you that this is worth something, this is of value. No matter what country or culture or religion. The whole world loves money. The greatest story ever told.


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American Gods Season 2 Episode 4: "The Greatest Story Ever Told"
American Gods
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American Gods Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

I translated all of Bach's cantatas into a database that wrote a program that segmented the notes into digital objects the way that Bach statistically attended to... But everything it created was mechanical, artificial. The real insight was in programming violations to predictable variations. I gave it permission to shatter the rules.


This is grief. And yet, the rising notes of joy, shattering his own rules. Can you hear it? This is how men like me pray.