Dre: What if he never goes back Bow? I don't know where I would have been without college. When I was a kid walking through my neighborhood, the only jobs I thought you could have were a postman, a barber or a bus driver. All of them are good, but college taught me the world was bigger than my block.
Pops: He knows that dummy! Look the boy grew up different from how you did. Just like you grew up different from how I did, and now he is traveling down a road you ain't never been on before. You ought to be glad Junior has the opportunity to do it his way.
Bow: My brother and sister did it their way, and they are still spinning. I don't want that for Junior. You guys he is a scared kid, and I am just trying to protect him from making a bad decision.
Pops: Here's what I know. Your scared kid was brave enough to sit with you and be honest about feeling a little bit lost. And Dre, he stood up to you just now when you tried to bully him. I think that the strong, honest young man you both raised has earned a little bit of trust.
Bow: Are you saying you agree with the gap year?
Pops: Hell, no, that is still some white shit, but you owe it to him to see this through.
Dre: I guess he is right.

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black-ish Season 5 Episode 1: "Gap Year"
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black-ish Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Bow: What are you doing home?
Dre: How the hell did you get home?
Junior: I used the emergency credit card to book a flight.
Bow: What is the emergency?
Junior: I wasn't really feeling college right now.
Bow: What theā€¦?
Zoey: Not to brag, but I predicted this on Twitter three days ago. I'm a prophet.

Dre: What do you mean there is no plan?
Bow: Junior has no plan.
Dre: I will tell you what the plan is. He is taking his ass back to college!
Bow: Damn Skippy he is! How do you think this looks? I am Dr. Rainbow Johnson.
Dre: Yes, you are!
Bow: I went to Brown University. I went to USC Medical School. People know my name. I have a reputation to uphold. My kids go to college!
Dre: Yeah, they do! Wait a minute, even Jack?