Amy: What am I doing? What am I practicing for?
Brad: I need you to be prepared.
Amy: For what? What am I supposed to do?
Brad: I dunno, Amy, I don't have the answer. Okay? All I know is this is on you. You have a job to do. I don't even know what the job is. I just know that I have to teach you everything I can. I'm not going to be around as long as you are. And the world, I'm sorry, but it's a hell of a lot scarier, and I just, I just want you to be okay. Can you understand that?

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The Passage Season 1 Episode 10: "Last Lesson", The Passage Season 1 Episode 9: "Stay in the Light"
The Passage
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The Passage Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes, The Passage Quotes
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The Passage Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Amy: How do I look?
Brad: Like a badass.

I saw the future. It was bad.