Stan: Why are you here? This place isn't right for you.
Angel: I make $125 a night here, and no one touches me. Don't you want me to be safe?
Stan: I get jealous. With so many men seeing you like this. Does that make you mad?
Angel: Do I look like a kept woman to you? A kept woman would be in a high rise apartment in Riverdale with a refrigerator full of groceries. And a mink coat in her closet.
Stan: Do you ever do things with guys here?
Angel: Sweetheart, a lady never tells. And I'm not appreciating your attitude. Especially considering this is the first time I'm seeing you in three weeks.
Stan: I can't stop thinking about you. At work, when I'm in bed with my wife. I drive by the piers almost every night but I get too scared to pull over.
Angel: Scared of what?
Stan: I don't like you in a place like this.

Pose Season 1 Episode 2: "Access"
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Pose Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Ricky: You wanna go grab a slice or somethin'? On me.
Damon: You mean like a date?
Ricky: I mean, I'm smart, and cute, and cute, and I smell good. You could do a lot worse.
Damon: Okay, but... can we go sit at dinner and talk first? I mean, isn't that what you're supposed to do on a date?

Blanca: Did your daddy ever give you the talk?
Damon: The talk?
Blanca: The birds and the bees.
Damon: Yeah, he did. It was really awful. He was sayin' all this stuff about women's anatomy, and things like that. The whole time I was thinking this is not the information I need to get. Like sweet baby Jesus, this is not helping me. But I couldn't ask him the questions I really wanted to know, which was about what men to together and stuff. Or I'd be found out. I was afraid he'd kill me.
Blanca: Well, here's what no one will tell you but me. Gay life is hard. Here.
Damon: I don't need these. I don't plan on having sex with Ricky.
Blanca: Oh child, no one ever plans on having sex. And I can't be your mother and your conscience. I'm not always going to be here to protect you. You are a good looking young man. And soon, you are going to want to start exploring. But you gotta make smart choices.