I don't get things. They may be easy for you, but seriously, something is wrong with me because I sit in that physics class, and it's like someone is speaking a foreign language which might as well be goddamned Spanish because I don't understand much of that either. I'm in trouble. Only now, it's everyone's trouble because if I can't cut it academically, they'll be on all of our asses. That just makes the pressure a thousand million times worse, but you know what? Last night I actually slept. Even with Val's elbow in my ribs, I slept. Because my really smart sister was going to give me the answers.


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Party of Five Season 1 Episode 2: "Margin of Error"
Party of Five
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Party of Five Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

What's the matter, kiddo? You don't trust me?


Lady: Excuse me, may I ask: Which one of you does he belong to?
Emilio and Beto: Both of us.
Lady: I mean, you know genetically.
Emilio and Beto: Both of us.
Lady: Now how does that work exactly? They just spin the sperm, and you never really know?
Emilio: No we're not a couple.
Beto: We're brothers. All three of us. He's our brother.
Lady: Oh well, isn't he lucky then to have his two big brothers looking after him today.
Emilio: Today and every day.
Beto: Our parents got deported.