Nicole: I swear, I didn't go to the Square with the intention of breaking the court order.
Thorpe: And yet you did.
Nicole: She was left alone with her foster sister. Holly started to cry and the little girl didn't know what to do and panicked. So yes, I picked her up and held her in my arms, because that's what a mother does when her child is sad and crying. I am deeply sorry that I broke the rules, but I will not apologize for loving my daughter.
Thorpe: I appreciate the sentiment, Ms. Walker, but the law is the law. Feelings don't come into play.

Days of Our Lives
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Days of Our Lives Quotes
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Days of Our Lives Quotes

Getting older is not for sissies.


Victor: Adrienne dear, it's me. If you've got a minute I'd like to talk to you.
Adrienne: Sure, Victor. I'll be down in a couple minutes.
Victor: I'll be in the study. Oh, one other thing. Lucas, you're fired.