Mercer: Moclans reproduce by laying eggs which I never knew.
LaMarr: Well, where does it come out of? The butt?
Mercer: Y'know, John, I didn't really pry into those kinds of specifics
LaMarr: How's that not the first thing you ask?

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The Orville Season 1 Episode 2: "Command Performance"
The Orville
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The Orville Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Bortus: Moclans reproduce by laying eggs. Klyden and I are going to have a child.
Mercer: Bortus! That's great! Congrats! My god, you lay eggs?
Bortus: Yes, sir
Mercer: I always wondered how a single-gender species populated itself but... are they big eggs?
Bortus: They are somewhat large, yes, sir.

Mercer: That is, uh, Kermit the Frog
Bortus: I do not recognize the species.
Mercer: It's an amphibious life form from Earth.
Bortus: Is it someone you know?
Mercer: No, no, he's just a leader I admire. Always keeps his cool in a crisis. Inspires greatness in his people.

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