Kanan: Ghost and Tommy got a revolt going on they hands, man.
Dre: Think we should tell them?
Kanan: Hell no. Right now, we three moves ahead of Ghost. Right where we wanna be.

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Power Season 2 Episode 8: "Three Moves Ahead"
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Power Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Ghost: What if I could convince him to disappear?
Tasha: Or you make him disappear.
Ghost: I kill Lobos, Tasha, I mean there goes our connect.
Tasha: So you get another one.
Ghost: The blow back could be huge.
Tasha: Only if you get caught. And for the sake of our children, you will not get caught.
Ghost: You damn right I won't get caught.

It's not safe anymore. Once I get my money from Ghost, I'm going to get out.