DAR: You grew up in a hard school, no time for self-pity. It’s the first thing about you that impressed.
QUINN: Not the first thing.
DAR: Yeah, well, we’re all beautiful when we’re young, aren’t we?
QUINN: Fucking dirty old man.
DAR: Fair enough. For the record, though, I never forced myself on anyone.

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Peter Quinn
Homeland Season 6 Episode 7: "Imminent Risk"
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Homeland Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

JUDGE: Can you explain what you were doing in your daughter’s room, with a loaded gun?
CARRIE: I had reason to fear for my safety, Your Honor, and Franny’s.
JUDGE: Why didn’t you call the police?
CARRIE: I used to work for the CIA. I’ve been trained to handle firearms and deal with threatening situations. […] The last time the police came to my house, things didn’t turn out so well.
JUDGE: So you’re saying you can handle a dangerous situation better than the police?

CARRIE: [Sekou’s] family was distraught, I had to get over there.
LONAS: And that’s when you left Franny with Mr. Quinn?
CARRIE: I had to go and there was no one else. Plus, Franny adores Quinn.
LONAS: I just got off the phone with the V.A.. I understand that Mr. Quinn suffers from bouts of rage and depression, including violent outburst.
CARRIE: He hated it at the V.A..
LONAS: So you moved him into your house?