Emiko: Robert Queen was my father.
Rene: So when you told me about your mother, you kind of left out a pretty important detail.
Rene: Robert was out of the picture long before. I didn't want to tell you because I didn't want to risk changing things.
Rene: Changing what things?
Emiko: You and me...working together.
Rene: Why would it? Oliver's got his thing and we got our thing. Right?
Emiko: Yeah, we do.

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Arrow Season 7 Episode 12: "Emerald Archer"
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Arrow Season 7 Episode 12 Quotes

Oliver is an interesting guy, unbelievably damaged...I hope he won't mind me saying that. All I meant by that is he has lived through a lot of darkness and all he really cares about is making sure no one else has to go through what he's gone through. No, no no, I didn't know he was the Green Arrow until he turned himself in. It's you know, like woah, big surprise! You think you know a guy...

Barry Allen

Vigilantes were the death of Star City and they got exactly what they deserved.