I didn't say I never did anything bad. I just never got caught.

Lisbon: 11 years in Catholic school and I never got sent to the Principal's office once.
Jane: Well that's because you're a boring goody two shoes.

Lisbon: You're a cool customer. You think you can outrun a tiger?
Jane: I don't have to. I just have to run faster than you.

Don't try to divert me with insults.

Lisbon: Visualize has a college.
Cho: Apparently you major in yourself.

I'm not looking for a guru. I'm looking for a murderer.

When Cho shows up, grab him. Spread the pain around.

Lisbon: She's a convicted murderer.
Jane: A convicted manslaughterer, actually.

Jane: What I want is a little smile.
Lisbon: Well, you can't have everything.

You're losing your touch. You didn't know it was her.

You've got a bad news expression on your face.

Lisbon: What can you get for $127.68?
Cho: You could go crazy at Olive Garden.

The Mentalist Quotes

Belinda Bittaker: You can sneer at me all you'd like.
Patrick Jane: I will, thank you.

Jane: The point is there's a coded message here.
Cho: Or doodles.