Silas: Maybe she's not dead - maybe she's just injured.
Shane: Maybe she's just injured before mom pulled the automatic pool cover over her head.

Silas: What's it like?
Shane: What?
Silas: Killing someone. Do you feel different?
Shane: No.
Silas: Do you feel bad?
Shane: No - at least not yet.

Silas: You serious?
Shane: Serious as dads heart attack.

I'm not going until everyone is buckled - someone has to be the role model around here.

Don't tell anyone I was noble.

Silas: Silas: I get it. If I get shot in my jerk-off arm, I would be mad too.

Silas [about baby Botwin]: He's kind of cute
Shane: Who cares? He's probably just gonna want to play soccer

Silas: So, you're the mayor of Mexico or something?
Esteban: Or something, yes.

Silas: I love her.
Celia: You stuck your penis in her. That's not love, believe me.