Nancy: Be the man.
Silas: Be the mom.

Silas: When Nancy tells us to go to college, what do we do?
Shane: We buy hot tubs!
Silas: Free at last, my brother!

Shane: Couldn't stay away, huh?
Silas: Like you always said, I'm not very bright.

Please when you kill her just let us know, for closure.

(to Shane) Please please. Choose to not be a dick.

My whole childhood is a lie.

Lars: So have you talked to your mom?
Silas: If you need her, you can't find her.
Lars: Yeah she was always hard to pin down. Except that one time. Bad joke, sorry.

(to Lars) I think I'm your son.

Shane: We'll let the lab decide.
Silas: Lab?
Shane: DNA my brother or should I say half brother.

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