Shawn: Is there a doctor in the house? Is there a doctor?
Crew member: You're a doctor.

He still didn't give me his blessing....

That is my grandmother's ring. I can barely look at it.

What if the perfect proposal moment presents itself? I've gotta be ready.

You're just jealous there were no black dudes in Raiders.

Gus: We're seaman! We're Seaman!
Shawn: Stop saying that! Anyone could be walking by!

You have your value system, and I have mine.

I am so happy that you are alive!

Shawn: Make sure you water my plants thrice daily. But do not talk to them, or they will not stop, especially Jim.
Gus: Jim is the fichus?
Shawn: Exactly.

Shawn: Jules, I know you have some very definite expectations for this weekend.
Jules: Why do you think that?
Shawn: Because you sent me an email on the 5th that said, "Shawn, I have some very definite expectations for this weekend.

I have Gus, and you have...well, whoever your friends are...

Baby, all your facial parts are in the right places.

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You caught me listening to my own music. How utterly Rob Thomas of me.

Curt Smith