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We split the food of the dead 50/50 that's always been the deal.

Lassiter: Where is Rip?
Shawn: He is somewhere in this house kicking ass in a classic game of hide and seek.

Gus once bit me for stealing his honey. But that was because he had just gotten graham crackers and had nothing to dip them in.

Sorry man, I'm not fan of nature. It's slow and overrated.

Giant clown gloves! Finally a gift a person can use!

Mexican Lassie is way better than American Lassie, much like Coca Cola.

I don't mean to set off any alarms here, but am I the only one who's trouble by the three corpses in the hole?

You tasted the meat when we all thought it was Lassie?!

Lassie! Jules knows how to shoot a cross bow!

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