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Sally: You are not alone. But you're being a douche bag.
Aidan: Yeah, I get it.

Sally: Their drinks come in bowls.
Aidan: Yep.
Sally: Best place ever.

After Danny murdered me, I spend some time ghosting, then limbo - don't recommend it - and, uh, a witch brought me back. As, uh, what you kissed.

Josh: You need to snap out of it.
Sally: I'm hungry.
Josh: They're empty calories, Sally.
Sally: Everything I eat is empty calories. Nothing sticks. I had two whole chickens last night. And a tub of ice cream. I have it handled. I'm just stressing. Every time I leave the house I think I'm going to think I'm going to kill somebody.

Okay, one thing I do miss about being a ghost is that I woke up this morning and tried to whoosh myself down here and fell on my face.

Aidan: Oh wow. I just can't get over the fact that I can touch you.
Sally: You're not as cold as I thought you would be.
Aidan: Okay. That's weird.

Hey, we're outta here, chief. I'm taking Trent home like a goody bag.

No, it's really me. Josh saddled up for me and sprung me out of limbo.

Stevie, you have no money. Nowhere to go. You're going to end up giving tuggers under the bridge for five hundred bucks a go.

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