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I really did have a blast with you guys, do you know that?

Well, the good news is I no longer have the urge to eat your face.

I mean, had you been more accepting of my rotting body and my witness protection lifestyle, we could have had something really great.

I really want to come out there, but I also really want to eat you.

Sally: Please lock me up. And use two locks. I may have zombie strength and not know it.
Nora: We're not going to lock you up. And we're going to find you food.
Sally: You are food.

That arm in there? I want to eat that.

Josh: This is my fault. I'm in this. I brought you all back and now I have to deal with the consequences. And the pain. Stevie's in too much pain, Sally.
Sally: This isn't right. This is not who you are.
Josh: It's exactly who I am now.

Stevie: I tried living on the street. It didn't take too long until I got scared. Then I remembered the lake house.
Sally: Keanu?
Josh: Sandy?
Stevie: What?
Sally: Nothing. Go on.
Josh: Nothing, just continue.

Josh. Oh my God.
Sally: Are you okay?
Josh: Yeah. It's just...I just can't believe how unremarkable it's become to dispose of a body.

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