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Sally: No, he has to be awake.
Aidan: Oh, Sally, come on. What's next? Are we gonna light him on fire?

Sally: As much as I respect what you just had to do, unfortunately, I can only hold this book.
Nora: Great. I'll just keep holding onto it then.

Nora: What? Just say it. What kind of poor woodland creature do I have to murder with my bare hands just to make the spell work?
Sally: We need a gal whose Aunt Flo is makin' her monthly visit.

Josh, it's me. Sally. I want you to know I came back different. Powerful.

Sally: And how long do you plan on keeping us down here?
Donna: Forever, or until I figure out a way to end us.

Sally: One of those bodies is a purebred werewolf corpse. If we're splittin' hairs, I, you know...
Josh: Hey, you know what? Screw the keg. Pick up us some crack.

If I had know we were going to be here now I would have hugged you so much more.

What is it with you and my friends? Did you have a hard time back in colonial times Jr. High?

Josh: Dude! We're nurses, we're not too well versed on like eye of newt! Can't we just bring a weapon, like a normal weapon?
Aidan: Look, the heart of the bewitched, Sally's heart, is our weapon.
Sally: Dorothy only needed a bucket of water!

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