Brenda: So, what happens next to Adrianna?
Ryan: Maybe a mug shot on Perez Hilton, I don't know.

The tricky part of teaching is being friendly, without being their friend.

Spring Awakening is about kids discovering their sexuality and fighting the oppressive morals of society in 1891. But, you know, with rock music.

I don't know what the story is with you and Sammy's dad. And it feels like there's unfinished business.

Kelly: Doesn't it freak you out that I have a child?
Ryan: Doesn't it freak you out at all that I am a child?

Kelly: How many of your friends have kids?
Ryan: Let me count... zero.

Four and a half. That is a wonderful age... I don't know if that's true. I just hear people say it.

Ryan: Everyone comes with some baggage.
Kelly: I don't really consider my son baggage.

Ryan: You''re too easy. Anyone ever tell you that?
Kelly: Not lately.

Naomi: Why are you always so mean to me?
Ryan: Who said I was mean? [to bartender} She's underage. Don't serve. I guess that was mean. Oops.

Looks like principal's kid has some game.


Naomi: You stole me away from your roommate.
Jaime: At least that was based on something honest.

I don't care about penetrating PJ's compound.