That was awesome! Beckett never drives on the sidewalk!

Forget severed heads, I want to meet that guy!

Martha: Playing with dolls, are we?
Castle: They are action figures.

Lift up my shirt, pull off my boots. Under normal circumstances, I'd like where this was heading.

She's fun and uncomplicated. I think that's what my life needs right now.

Sometimes it's the people we think we know best that we don't really know at all.

Weird. We're usually more in synch than that.

Beckett: I feel like I just walked into a bad episode of Miami Vice.
Castle: First of all, there are no bad episodes of Miami Vice.

Alexis: They say genius skips a generation.
Castle: Apparently, so does funny.

These pancakes are usually reserved for breakups and Dancing With The Stars eliminations.

Castle: I think she's starting to like me.
Gates: No, I'm not

Our bombers in the building?

Castle Quotes

Ho, Ho, Ho!


You? Skepticus Maximus?