Rachel: You really don't want my notes. I won gold medal at the Loser Olympics.
Blaine: You can flame out as much as you want on national TV, but you're still Rachel Berry, and you are a show choir genius.

All I've ever wanted is to come home and have everyone know my name and now they do.

That was seriously the worst audition ever.

You’re wrong and I’m going to prove it to you. I don’t need NYADA anymore.

What, I’m texting my publicist...That was a joke!

It’s a towncar, not a limousine. A towncar!

Are those meyer lemons? I can’t have that.

I think I saw a squirrel come out of the back of your hair.

I was like some heroine from a lost Tennessee Williams play.

It’s just...it’s really hard being a star.

Rachel: Okay, you know what, Kurt? You've become boring. You go to class, and then you come home, and you eat all this food and watch your stories, and you Skype with Blaine, and it's not even sexy Skyping. I know this because you just go to sleep. Same thing every day.
Kurt: I change up my afternoon smoothie occasionally.

I've kind of been going through hell the past month and I just needed something to snap out of it.

Glee Quotes

The English language lacks the requisite words to express just how much I dislike you.


Prom queens live, on average, five years longer than regular people. Probably because they smile all the time.