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Nikita: You son of a bitch.
Michael: What?
Nikita: You dumb, stupid son of a bitch.

I regretted most of my missions for Division, but not all. Not yours ... you're right I enjoyed hurting you

I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I didn't take out your other eye. And, if I'd known you'd be talking me to death I would have cut out your tongue too. So turn it up. Last one tickled a little.

Michael: We won remember. They lost.
Nikita: For a second there, I didn't think I could do it. I guess I can still surprise myself. I know it surprised Amanda.
Michael:What are you talking about?
Nikita: I let her live. I let her live.

You want to know the difference between me and you? You see a moment of weakness and I see a moment of strength.

Amanda: So, what happens now?
Nikita: I guess ... I die and ... you lose.

I broke your heart? You broke mine.

What you did was an act of grace. You're a good father, Michael.

Forget you saw that.

Nikita [to Max after beating up two big men agents]
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