Black box can wait. We're gonna get your mother out ... tonight.

Oh, crap!

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Michael: You realize every law-enforcement agency in the region is on high alert, and you're chasing Ari Tasarov into the heart of Gogol territory? You don't even know where he's headed.
Nikita: Yes. But it's the right think to do.

You rule, nerd.

You're a good boy scout. You wore your kevlar, right?

Your mother is a bitch. I am not the threat, Sean. Open your eyes.

Why aren't you here?

Nikita [screaming]

It's okay to be scared, nerd.

Michael: I didn't plan for this
Nikita: There's no plan for this. Only a question you need to resolve. And you can't do it with me here.

Michael, you have a son.

I recommend the Zephyr's Kiss. It sets Birkhoff back 12 grand a bottle.

Nikita's father: If I told you that, you'd be an accessory to my so-called crimes.
Nikita: Add it to my list.

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Ah, bow down before Shadow Walker!


Yuri's been canceled.


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