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I broke your heart? You broke mine.

What you did was an act of grace. You're a good father, Michael.

Forget you saw that.

Nikita [to Max after beating up two big men agents]

Revenge never turns out the way you thought it would.

Division is not a shield, it's a sword. And it bleeds everything it touches.

Birkhoff: Lord Voldemort
Carla: Wait, wait a second. Go back. I know that guy.
Nikita: Ari Tasarov?

Michael: I forgot how good you are when you're angry.
Nikita: I forgot how easy you are to beat.

Senator Pierce: You were a soldier.
Nikita: I was a killer.

Alex: Sean, you're protecting her from the wrong people.
Sean: And, who are you? The right people?
Nikita: Nice to meet you. Now, let's try this again.You look thirsty, Soldier. Can I get you some water?

If you want to make peace, you don't talk to your friends. You talk to your enemies.

Nikita: But, if you give them a second chance. Sometimes they surprise you.
Alex: Sometimes they do.

Alex: Thank you for helping us.
Nikita: Don't thank me yet.

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Nikita Quotes

It's been a long time Uncle Sergei.


You, here. What are the odds?

Percy [to Nikita]

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