Nikita: Is it cool all of us staying here for now?
Ryan: You're the one who set me up here.
Nikita: Your house your rules.
Ryan: Our house. Our rules.

We had a fight. That doesn't mean I'm going to throw you to the wolves.

Birkhoff: Why are you looking at me? No. No. No to the power of no.
Nikita: Birkhoff, come on, haven't you always wanted to bankroll a revolution?

You know, Percy, you once told me there are monsters out there. You were right. There are. That's why I'm coming for you.

I can see our future again. It's been a long time. It's clear.

Nikita: You have no idea who I am. If you did, you could never love me.
Michael: No. No. I know exactly who you are.
Nikita: I have evil inside of me, Michael.
Michael: Maybe you do. Maybe that is a part of you. That is all that it is. It is just a part. A part. It is not all of you. And that is what I love. Is all of you.
Nikita: We are going to die
Michael: Then we die. Together.

Nikita: You son of a bitch.
Michael: What?
Nikita: You dumb, stupid son of a bitch.

I regretted most of my missions for Division, but not all. Not yours ... you're right I enjoyed hurting you

I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I didn't take out your other eye. And, if I'd known you'd be talking me to death I would have cut out your tongue too. So turn it up. Last one tickled a little.

Michael: We won remember. They lost.
Nikita: For a second there, I didn't think I could do it. I guess I can still surprise myself. I know it surprised Amanda.
Michael:What are you talking about?
Nikita: I let her live. I let her live.

You want to know the difference between me and you? You see a moment of weakness and I see a moment of strength.

Amanda: So, what happens now?
Nikita: I guess ... I die and ... you lose.

Nikita Quotes

I recommend the Zephyr's Kiss. It sets Birkhoff back 12 grand a bottle.


Here's Winters' tracker ID. Word of advice, don't let her catch you spying on her. These guardians are tightly wound freaks, just like their boss.


Nikita Music

  Song Artist
Elephant song Elephant Song The Enemy iTunes
Song Fuego Bomba Estereo iTunes
The step and the walk The Step And The Walk The Duke Spirit iTunes