Naomi [reacting to Navid & Liam's fistfight]: Oh my God...did that really just happen?
Adrianna: I know. Love really screws people up, doesn't it?

They're not dreams, they're fairy tales.

Seriously, you must have loins of steel.

Please don't tell me you're still friends without benefits.

You're nouveau riche, you haven't had the chance to get weird yet.

C'mon Silver it's you, it's not like you're gonna have some skanky bar sex with some rando.

Jen: Screw crazy bitch.
Naomi: Screw you...I love you too.

I'll hire a nurse who specializes in treating severe cases of bitch.

If you don't stop talking and put that thermometer in your mouth, I will find another place to stick it.

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