I don't have to care what you or anyone else thinks, because I am good enough exactly as I am.

Oh my God, throw that ticket away hunnie, we do not fly commercial!

You're really smart! It's a shame you're independently wealthy. With a little motivation you could actually accomplish something.

Be honest? Ugh I keep forgetting you're new around here.

It's bad enough to be defined as a divorcee, but a two time divorcee? I can't handle that.

Naomi: I can't believe you brought that homeopathic tea with you, that's so stupid.
Adrianna: It's kind of addictive.

No, no tea. I'm not some pathetic hippie dippie failure.

Maybe I'd rather lose one friendship over my only brother.

Wait why does my brother live in a crappy apartment when I live in an 8 bedroom mansion?

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