Do you know the Michelin Man is white. Dude's suppose to made out of tires and they make him white.

It might be nice to go to dinner and sit with my back to the door.

Ruben: We'll have a better chance of finding a needle in a haystack.
Lydia: Well, if you know that it's in the haystack, why not keep looking? Eventually you'll find it.

Crazy doesn't mean dumb.

Lydia: I'll take dead bodies over screaming babies any time.
Reuben: They both stink.
Lydia: At least the bodies are quite.

Come on Ruben, don't go soft on me. I got a baby at home I don't need another at work.

God is definitely a man.

Mom: From nursing a baby to examining a corpse. Must feel strange.
Lydia: Which part?

You're a handsome kid and that's a good thing everywhere except prison.

Give any knucklehead enough ammo and they'll hit something.

Gallows humor. Whatever gets you through it, I guess.

I haven't pulled on a uniform since we could still carry Mag lights.

Southland Quotes

It seems like it changes nothing... but every once and awhile, you get to take a bad guy off the streets for good. And that, my friend, is God's work.

John Cooper

Taking a life is a big deal to me.

Ben Sherman