Liam: Annie's leaving for good? Why would she do that?
Dixon: Gee I don't know, maybe it's because of a certain torch that she's holding for a certain brooding superhero.

Navid: Am I Batman or Robin?
Liam: Do you even need to ask that?

Look you're hot and all, but I'm exhausted so hop back on your mommy porn tour bus and get a real life.

They're Leobelles, fans of Annabelle and Leo.

I just feel like I'm being used by women at every turn.

Navid: Liam I really wanna kiss you right now.
Liam: Resist that urge.

Ah the instinct to run, I know about that.

You just don't know how to drink beer. You're not supposed to sip it like a latte.

Annie: Oops this one's still a little dirty hunnie.
Liam: Maybe I like it dirty.

My problem is everyone asking me what my problem is!

Let's make a deal, once you fix your own life you can tell me how to run mine.

You work for me, I don't have to tell you anything.


I'm so sick of being sick.


Naomi: You stole me away from your roommate.
Jaime: At least that was based on something honest.