Beckett: I need a miracle, guys.
Ryan: Okay, you got it.
Esposito: One miracle coming up.

You can fire us both for insubordination if you want, but we got this.

Man, I hate walls of crazy.

Well I will be sure to cross reference Shaw's visitor against the list of fallen angels.

Ryan: I just called in sick. Let's go get really drunk.
Esposito: Damn straight.

Turns out that Chicken, Chicken, Chicken is bankrupt, bankrupt, bankrupt.

Castle: This novel writes itself.
Ryan: Then tell us what happens next.
Castle: I have no idea. That's what makes it so good.

I believe her exact words were, “Sure, maybe we'll get lucky and Castle will get shot.”

Esposito: So you're going full hipster now.
Ryan: Have you started jarring artisanal pickles yet?

You're supposed to be our buffer. Buff!

Castle, nothing you do is little.

Our witness is threatening to file a complaint against me for assault with a deadly odor. She says that I smell like soiled baby diapers and Javi's cologne is quote, "satan's butt sweat."

Castle Quotes

You got to watch those silhouettes they can be shifty little bastards.


Talk about death by chocolate.