Being a dad is like being a cop. No matter what they teach you in the academy you learn on the streets and you did OK with that, right?

Ryan: I don't know about you but I am very comfortable in my masculinity.
Esposito: You do realize you're wearing a sweater vest, right?

Ryan: What does it say about your writing when your number one fan tries to kill you?
Castle: That was an accident.
Esposito: One inch higher it would have been a tragedy.

Bro, your wife's hormonal because she's pregnant. What's your excuse?

Beckett: How'd you guys get there?
Esposito: Chicken poop.
Beckett: Oh, whatever works.

We are not serving them coffee. You bought this espresso machine for the NYPD. This is NYPD coffee only.

That names so fake it sounds like one out of your books.

Aren't you two practically living together now?

She's straight out of a Carrie Underwood song.

The guy hunts big foot. I don't think rational behavior is something he's familiar with.

Castle: Where is Captain Gates?
Espo: She couldn't make it.
Castle: Good.

Is it hard to balance on crutches when you've just had your ass chewed off?

Castle Quotes

You got to watch those silhouettes they can be shifty little bastards.


Talk about death by chocolate.