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Charlie: Tell you what, I'll be your wingman. I'll go over and engage the mom in conversation. Then, after I've greased the wheels, I'll give you a signal. You saunter over and work your magic.
Jake: "Saunter?"
Charlie: Walk.
Jake: Well, then, just say "walk." You don't have to make up words.

Jake: In ultimate fighting they kick, they elbow, they get a guy down and smash his head in the floor. These guys just dance around and barely hit each other.
Charlie: Okay, okay, listen to me. Boxing is a science. Boxers don't just wail on each other: they strategize, feel each other out, wait for an opening.
Jake: Gay.

Charlie: (on why Jake got dumped) Maybe she found somebody better.
Alan: What? Who's better than Jake?
Charlie: Why, no one, Alan! He's the pinnacle of male evolution.
Jake: Thank you.

Judith: Hey, honey, how was your weekend?
Jake: Great. Uncle Charlie's a genius.
Judith [to Alan]: I thought you talked to him.
Alan: I did!
Judith: Then why is Uncle Charlie the genius?
Alan: Because he never got married.

Alan: So, how's school?
Jake: Okay.
Alan: Anything noteworthy happen?
Jake: No.
Charlie: I thought you said he got dumped!
Alan: I was easing into it.
Charlie: Oh. Okay, go ahead.

Charlie: What do you think?
Alan: I'm going back to bed.
Charlie: What about you?
Jake: You couldn't have TiVo'd this?
Charlie: Hey, Charlie Waffles may love kids, but he's getting pretty sick of you.

Jake: Fruit? That's all you got, fruit?
Evelyn: Don't you ever have fruit for breakfast?
Jake: Well, yeah, Frankenberries.
Evelyn: Oh, well, I'm sorry sweetheart. If I'd known you were coming I would have stocked up on crap.

Jake: I heard something break.
Charlie: And you're just coming out now?
Jake: I was establishing my alibi.

Alan: Stop going through puberty and we'll talk about it.
Jake: Stop being so cheap and we'll talk about it!

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