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Jackie: I am here because I like you. Not because you have drugs.
Eddie: You like me, huh?
Jackie: What do you want me to say, Eddie?
Eddie: What do you think?

Jackie: I love this place, always remembers how I like my coffee.
Eddie: Yes, it remembers all things related to her.

There's lots of reasons to have kids. Just as many not to.

Coop: Jackie Peyton, armed and dangerous.
Jackie: Don't tempt me.

Kevin: Seriously, Jackie, you're nuts.
Jackie: Seriously, Kevin, you're mine.

Gloria: I'm not a prude! I was at Woodstock for Christ's sake.
Jackie: No you weren't.

She'd rather watch a fire safety video than High School Musical.

Eddie: You have a lot of pent-up anger.
Jackie: You have no idea.

My house? My kids? Are you out of your fucking mind?

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