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A hundred bucks?! For a comic book! Who drew it, Micha-ma-langelo?

Bart: Please Dad!
Homer: No!
Bart: Please Dad!
Homer: No!
Bart: Please Dad!
Homer: No!
(And so on until...)
Bart: Please Dad!
Homer: No!!! Now look, son, we all know that usually when you bug me like this, I give in, so I'm not mad at you for trying. It shows you've been paying attention. But we all know I'm not going to give you $100! Now are you going to stop bugging me?
Bart: No!
Homer: Are you?
Bart: No!
Homer: Are you?
Bart: No!
(And so on until...)
Homer: Are you?
Bart: (frustrated) Okay!
Homer: (triumphant) Hee hee! I win! In your face! (punches Bart's shoulder) Yeah! How do you like them apples?

(To earn money for his comic book, Marge suggests that Bart get a job.)
Bart: Me!?
Wonder Years Voice: Get a job? Were they serious? I didn't realize it at the time, but a little bit of my childhood had slipped away...forever.
Homer: Bart! What are you staring at?
Bart: Uh...nothing.
Wonder Years Voice: He didn't say it and neither did I, but at that moment, my dad and I were closer than we ever--
Homer: Bart! Stop that!
Bart: Sorry!

Homer: Hey, when I was your age, 50 cents was a lot of money.
Bart: Really?
Homer: Naah!

Marge: Homer, it's really coming down! Could you check on the boys?
(Homer sees Bart and Milhouse fighting in the treehouse as lightning flashes nearby)
Homer: They're fine.

Reverend Lovejoy: Ned, Maude, what brings you here?
Ned: Well... sometimes God bless her, she underlines passages in my bible because she can't find hers!
Homer: Oh, lucky you don't keep guns in the house.
Reverend Lovejoy: Homer, why are you here?
Homer: Oh, because I got drunk and looked down her dress!

Marge: Oh, they're here. How does everything look?
Homer: Yeah, how do I look?
Marge: Do we have enough glasses?
Homer: Do we have enough gag ice cubes?
Marge: Homer, Homer, put a record on.
Homer: What are all our friends' names again?

Homer: Mmmm... hors dourves.
Marge: Homer! You promised!
Homer: I promised I wouldn't eat? Never! You lie!

Homer: Bart! Do that thing you do that's so cute!
Bart What?
Homer: That thing you know how to do!
Bart: What!?
Homer: Go to bed!

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