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You're not on Death's door. You're not even in Death's zipcode.

Luke: That's a waste of time, and urine.
Hank: Your urine already is waste.

While the business is important, nothing is more important than us.

Hollister: But people do it all the time on Greys Anatomy.
Hank: Yes , but those people have desperate serious fake medical problems.

Evan, why would a medical practice endorse and over-eating contest?

Hank will just wait until you stop talking so he can put a needle in Ernie's spine...

Wow, you really are harbor-festive.

After I am done with you, I need a set visit please....

Hank: I have the letters M.D., so I'm in charge.
Evan: Actually I own 2/3 of the company, so I'm in charge.
Hank: Well you can have my third too. I quit.

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