Evan, why would a medical practice endorse and over-eating contest?

Hank will just wait until you stop talking so he can put a needle in Ernie's spine...

Wow, you really are harbor-festive.

After I am done with you, I need a set visit please....

Hank: I have the letters M.D., so I'm in charge.
Evan: Actually I own 2/3 of the company, so I'm in charge.
Hank: Well you can have my third too. I quit.

I'm not staying as your doctor, I'm staying as your friend.

It all happened so fast. We couldn't get to him in time. He went Septic. Jack is dead.

If you sue it shouldn't be about the money, it should be about making sure the person learns from their mistakes.

To my impressive baby brother and his beautiful bride to be. I have never seen two people who belong together more, and I couldn't be prouder or happier.

She's like a Comic-Con Mary Poppins.

Babysitter: It's super Hank.
Hank: I like to multitask.

Boris, You've been poisoned.

Royal Pains Quotes

There's no way he's a super anything.


Divya: I'm not worried about finding something fancy. I am worried about finding something I can fit in to.
Evan: I actually have an old camping tent you can borrow if you like.