We were discussing Harper's mad volleyball skills.

Hank: I do know my way around a Parcheesi board.
Evan: And Grandma's too. Wait ,that didn't sound right did it?

Evan: You came back because of a patient?
Hank: I thought so. But now I think I used a patient to hold myself back.

I am never done with a patient who needs my help.

It's your magic bag now.

I was sent to camp so my parents could argue in private.

Hank: I hated camp.
Boris: Me also.

Divya: That was almost too much information.
Hank: I love seeing you happy
Divya: Happy, yes..... maybe a little crazy too.
Hank: I just hope he is worthy of you.

You can't fix it, but you can be there. That's enough.

But can it tell how far she runs?

Once we get your potassium levels back to normal you will be dancing with the devil in no time.

Don't turn in your Manolo's just yet!